License registration

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OtoAccess® Database

OtoAccess® Database is a patient management system that allows for seamless storage of patient demographics and test results, which can be shared among healthcare professionals within the same clinic or among multiple facilities in a networked setup.

With the intuitive interface of the database, the clinician can easily preview session data and test reports. The modern and innovative design of OtoAccess® Database is suited to current technologies and ensures that it is ready for future technologies.

Being HIPAA, FIPS and GDPR compliant, the database meets all the relevant requirements, ensuring the lawful, ethical and secure handling of personal patient data.

OtoAccess® integration

OtoAccess® is compatible with major EMR/EHR vendors. Based on OtoAccess® Database, we’ve created a comprehensive and secure integration solution that allows for logical, safe and effective workflows for the clinicians.

Supporting a HL7 order-based workflow, we provide the possibility for patient information to be imported automatically. After testing, results are delivered in a secure and very efficient manner.

OtoAccess® ADI

It is key for database vendors to ensure easy, efficient and reliable workflows on behalf of their customers. We support this by providing OtoAccess® ADI, which is an API that allows for simple integration with Interacoustics software suites and instruments.

Our OtoAccess® ADI software is a comprehensive package with documentation and tools that enable integration with a wide range of suites and standalone instruments.

Utilizing OtoAccess® ADI, EMR suppliers can provide smooth integration for their customers.

HearSIM™ is a screening information management system supported by your screener. It allows you to store, view and manage patient information transferred from a supported device.
You can print test results on a standard PC-compatible printer, export patient and test data as well as manage device users.